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Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I might as well come clean right away. I love Thanksgiving. It has to be the best holiday ever invented. There are no presents or stress about buying them. It is not about what I am going to get, it is all about being thankful - so what's not to love about that?
We don't have Thanksgiving in Denmark where I am from, it is a very American holiday, and even though I had heard a lot about it before I came here, it was really something to move here and experience it for the first time. I have on several occasions tried to explain the spirit of thanksgiving to my friends in Denmark, but it is really hard, and I don't think I have succeeded yet and I have a feeling that I know why. Or at least a part of the reason. It is simply not in our culture to be thankful, like it is in yours. We are not brought up to be grateful in the same way that you are. That is just not something that we teach our kids. And I think that is too bad. To put it a little harsh, then we are a very spoiled nation that believe that it is our right to have what we do have. We wear designer clothes and decorate our homes with expensive furnitures and stuff that in my opinion have no value - and we think it will make us happy.
Yesterday I saw a documentary called "America-The story of us" and even though I had learned a lot about American history in school, I have to admit that there is as lot I had forgotten and some I had never heard before. But basically it told me that America was founded on tobaccoplants and that Thanksgiving was originally a feast where the remaining settlers from the Mayflower celebrated with a native American tribe that they had just killed another rival tribe.
That was pretty amusing to me and somewhat barbaric. I have no idea how it got from that to what it is today, but I love the idea of having a holiday to celebrate what we are thankful for. It has been really good for me to experience that, and I would wish that it was a holiday that was celebrated all over the world. Maybe the world would be a better place, at least for one day.
I know I have a lot that I take for granted that I need to remember to be thankful for. I will try to do that while I eat a big stuffed turkey with some of our American friends that have invited us to join them this year. I am really looking forward to that.
What do you have to be thankful for? Comments are welcome :-)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cover release for my upcoming novel Endurance

Here is the cover for my upcoming novel Endurance. It is the third book in my Afterlife-series. I am currently working on finishing it and then it goes off to my editor. I really hope to have it out before Christmas.
Until then check out the cover, I think it is the best one yet:

Meghan’s training at the Academy is coming to an end. Everything is going great for her as she comes closer to the graduation. She is engaged to be married and the wedding is very near when she hears some disturbing news that makes her rethink all of her coming life.
In class they are taught to catch dreams and fly with the speed of light. Meghan soon discovers that she has a lot of special talents and that she is much stronger than she thought. But unfortunately that doesn’t help her as she faces the truth about her own death which will be revealed to her at the end of the year.

Endurance is the third book in T. P. Boje’s Afterlife-series about a young girl’s life after death.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Academy is now Beyond!

So I did something today you are never supposed to do in the publishing world. And you might think I am insane for doing it, but I did it anyway.
I changed the title of my book The Academy. Now it is called Beyond. I never felt good about that title and it irritated me because I really wanted book 2 to be named Serenity and book three is going to be Endurance, so the first book in the series was going to stand out and didn't match the other titles at all. So here is the new cover!
Anyway I hope I am not confusing too many, but now it is done and here is a list of the books in my Afterlife-series:

Beyond is the first book
Serenity is the second
Endurance is going to be the third (hopefully in dec, but if not then in Jan 2012)
I am planning  a lot more books in the series, but I don't have names for them yet. I hope I won't have to change any more titles though, cause that is really difficult lol.