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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beyond is now for free!

Hi Everybody.
My husband is doing much better - he had surgery on his only eye left and now he has a 20/20 vision. That means he has perfect sight on that one eye and can live life normally again. So that is great news for my little family and since I am in a fantastic mood these days I thought my readers should have a gift as well. So I have decided to lower the price on the first book in my Afterlife-series to... nothing! The offer will only stand in five days so hurry up and get the it!
Beyond for free!

If you enjoy it, then don't forget to get the rest in the series, Serenity and Endurance as well :-)
Thanks to everybody for all your sweet mails and prayers for us - we are better now and getting back to our daily routine. My husband still can't work for a couple of months and as a freelancer that means no pay either, so we still need to figure out that part of the situation as well.
But for now I am just happy and enjoying life tremendously.
Take care,

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  1. I just tried to get Beyond but it says it is $0.99. Did I miss the free book?

    Rachel V