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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Eye of the Crystal Ball is now free

Hi Everybody!
A lot of new followers have joined my blog lately, so I would like to welcome them with a special offer. I have decided to put up my fantasy-novel The Eye of the Crystal Ball for free on Amazon, but it will only last five days - so hurry up and get it here:

The Eye of the Crystal Ball

When Sara was newborn her parents left her at the doorstep at Mr. and Mrs. Schneider’s house. 
When Sara was ten she discovered she was telekinetic. She began to move stuff around when she got angry just by her will alone.
When Sara was twelve her real parents came for her and took her with them to live like the Gypsy that she was – or Romani as they like to call themselves. They told her she was going to fulfill a prophesy. That it was once said that out of the Romani people the greatest sorceress who had ever lived would be born.
When Sara was thirteen she had a baby brother and when she was fourteen he got very sick with a strange illness.
To save her baby-brother Sara sets off on a quest to find his cure – well knowing that it will cost her dearly.
Soon Sara finds herself going through the Singing Cave, crossing Wild Witches Valley, talking to a ten foot giant snail, rescuing the Beads of Souls from the Hell-hounds, escaping a spell in Vamila, the Forest of Vanity, visiting the king at the City of Lights before she finally reaches the Black Castle where she is told the Eye of the Crystal Ball can tell her how to cure her brother’s strange illness.

But nothing is free in this world - and as Sara soon will know - everything has a price.


  1. Yay! I'm glad your husband is well. :) Oh, can you visit here? http://kristinaaziz.blogspot.com/2012/02/ive-been-tagged-yay.html

  2. This is the Wonderful..!!! Boje
    the eye of the crystal ball...with nice story..
    Thanks for sharing..!!!!